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Tax attorney

Tax attorney is the second most searched tax term in yahoo and google and MSN. It is not a surprise because most people are too lazy to learn about tax deductions and take what is legally theirs. If people educated themselves about taxes they would have not even one need for a tax attorney because they would not be audited for their improper income tax, sales tax, property tax, or state tax. I am not a tax advisor or attorney - everything in this article is my opinion and I am not offering this information as a professional. Your reliance on this information is your responsibility alone.

Income tax

Most people file their income taxes using a tax accountant or CPA. This is the accepted way to file your tax returns including whatever tax forms are necessary. Unfortunately, accountants and CPA's don't hav the time or the will to help you know what you can legally deduct from your taxes.

Tax return

There are many books that will help you figure out ways to save on taxes especially if you have a home based business and if you have an online home business that you operate uing the internet. The most important thing to remember is to report all your income. The next important thing to know is what deductions you are allowed to take. You can learn more about some great tax deductions here. It's simple - the more legitimate deductions you can take the less tax you will pay. Turbo Tax prep software is a great program that many people use to claim their deductions and file their own returns.

Property tax

Property tax is already tax deductible on your taxes.

Sales tax

Sales tax is not deductible unless you are a business because everything that is a business expense goes against your profit. So, why not start a business? The best business for tax deductions that I've ever seen is a NiCAD Battery Repair and you can learn more about it here.

Tax help

If you are looking for help with taxes and need a tax attorney it's because your tax deductions are not documented or you don't want to face the man alone. It is a great idea to not face the tax man alone even if you tax deductions are documented. It is good to have a go between that is experienced with the tax process.

State tax

State tax deductions will be about the same as Federal tax deductions. It is best to consult your tax attorney to avoid mistakes. You might find an avoidance guide practical to perform your tax preparation or to ask for an extension. If you have tax liens then keep in mind the use of a tax attorney. It's important to file on time and to do it right.

Offshore tax haven

Many people with a heavy capital gains tax, huge incomes, or anyone in need of a tax shelter will look for an offshore tax haven. My research into this subject has given me the idea that going offshore is either expensive or too complicated. If you become an expert in the US tax law and off shore havens then you will probably do well sheltering your taxes. Just keep in mind that the rules change and if you don't something shady you are most likely to lose more tax money then you will gain, not to mention the sleepless nights. Offshore tax havens do offer many tax deductions that you might find useful. The first step is to decide which tax haven you will use - what country you will use - Panama, Belize, Bahamas, Switzerland, etc. Before you do anything talk to a competent tax attorney who has experience with offshore tax havens.

Tax assessor

The tax assessor has nothing to do with payroll tax or federal tax. The tax assessor collects the local city and county taxes. These taxes are already tax deductable so there is no need to consult a tax lawyer or attorney. If you own any back tax be sure to consult a tax attorney so you don't end up in the slammer. You can get travel bottles here.